An Answer to the Common Question: Is There A Shortage of Qualified Candidates?

With the rate of unemployment as it stands in Florida (5.7%) you would think that finding potential new hires would be a breeze. However, as a recruiter, we here at Optimum RTS know otherwise. We happen to hold a seat on both sides of the employment fence, and we sit front row to both candidate and employer matters.

One of the major trials we find with employers is the feeling that the candidate pool they are working out of just does not have enough qualified people. More often than not, business owners will find a general lack of work readiness in comparison to the position they are looking to fill – a mismatch between job requirements and a candidate’s current skill set.

We also see management facing difficulties retaining entry level employees, as well as finding the ability to transfer specific knowledge between employees in order to ensure cross training or training of new hires. These small problems alone can easily be overcome; however, when in conjunction, the hurdle may seem too difficult to jump.

This is where Optimum RTS comes in. Partnering with a local employment agency allows your business the ability to address any skill shortages within your organization without sacrificing time to do so. So why use a staffing firm when time and time again you’ve felt that the person you were looking for just was not out there…?

Optimum RTS does not wait for your organization to call. We are proactively searching for top quality candidates day in and day out. We are sourcing and vetting your next hire before your need even arises, reducing the time between placing your job order with us and having a new employee in your office. We here at Optimum RTS do not believe there is a shortage of qualified candidates, we just know from experience it takes work to find them.

Partnering with Optimum RTS is unlike any other employment firm in the field today. We are a local agency who knows the local market. We focus on you. We spend the time it takes to understand your business, your goals, your current and future needs – to get an idea of company culture. Together, we can specify what it will take for a candidate to be the “right fit” and you can trust that Optimum RTS will go above and beyond to find that person. All the while, you can continue to get the job done.

Top performers produce new ideas and innovations, which are essential for growth. Optimum RTS wants to help you access your next top performer today. Don’t thwart your organization’s potential by letting open positions stay that way; let Optimum RTS work smarter for you, instead of you working harder.

Written by: Melanie Scherr

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