Answering Your Questions

When Optimum RTS set out to start a blog, we had a vision of what it should like, who it should engage and what sorts of topics we would like to cover. One important promise we made to ourselves, and in spirit to our clients, candidates and readers alike, was to cover any and all questions or concerns our audience may have. Therefore, this week, I’d like to address a pressing concern for a majority of the prospective clients we’ve been meeting as of late… What exactly does Optimum RTS “cover” when we have, technically, your employees on our payroll?

Once a client signs on to begin working with Optimum RTS, we essentially become your Human Resources Department by de facto. We will handle all of the credentialing for each of your employees, make sure their information stays up to date, process all of your payroll, make all of the appropriate tax deductions and payments to the IRS for those employees, handle any unemployment suits that might be brought up, cover you and all employees with our Workers’ Compensation should the unfortunate event of employee injury occur, attempt to cover any open shifts, aid in filling in for any employee vacation time, as well as many other aspects of employee management.

That is why Optimum RTS’ Temp to Perm opportunity is perfect for Florida business owners. When you don’t know if you’ll need someone long term but you know you need help right away, let us take care of the expenses. By contracting with Optimum RTS and utilizing our Temp to Perm staffing choice, employees remain on our payroll for the first ninety days, or six hundred hours, so that you can evaluate them risk free.

In addition to having ninety days to evaluate our candidate, your future dignitary, while they are on our payroll, you’ll also have the option to continue into your own ninety day evaluation period when they’ve become a permanent part of your organization. That makes for optimum evaluation time! If at any point in our candidate’s temporary status you begin to feel they are not fitting in as well as we’d all hoped, we’ll send you another qualified candidate to pick up right where the other left off – hassle free. It’s that simple.

Really and truly, Optimum RTS covers you in a multitude of ways. Not only do we handle all of the above mentioned, but we also take a decent amount of work off of your plate, freeing up much of your time; and we all know, time is money. We will post all of your employment ads; we will ensure they are posted on all of the best boards as well as network in the community to present any available and “hot” candidates to you in the nick of time.

Our Staffing Specialists will personally screen and interview all potential candidates. Think about how many resumes you receive when you post a job ad… I’m thinking hundreds. Am I right? Unprofessional and downright ill fitting resumes are drowning your inbox, but you have to sift through them just to find a few reasonable candidates – and that’s just on paper. Optimum will sort through these resumes one by one to do the work and spend the time necessary to find true fits, and we will only send you the best.

So, what exactly does Optimum RTS “cover” for your organization? Well, we cover you. Here at Optimum, it’s our job to understand your job. When you are looking for employees in South Florida, choose to team with a company that understands South Florida.

Written by: Melanie Scherr

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