News and thoughts from John Dalton, Owner Optimum RTS:

“As Hurricane Season approaches we all have to be cognizant of potential weaknesses in our business, and how a storm could affect our business. In healthcare they will be putting their hurricane preparedness plan together that will outline how they will care for their patients through the storm. What is often overlooked when summer comes around is how we are going to cover absences that could be caused by storms or just vacations. These vacancies cause a major hole in our ability to provide the stellar service we all strive to provide. Many companies will just say, “I’ll just have my other staff do that job for the week or two.” Really? What that tells me is either you are over staffed in the first place, or certain functions in your organization will be overlooked while one person turns away from their regular duties to focus on those of the absent person. The question that begs to be asked in this situation is, what revenue-producing activity is being left undone while your employee is out? Is it the biller who is not billing? Is it the receptionist that isn’t greeting your customers? Is it the Medical Assistant that is not helping the physician with triaging the patients? Did you schedule fewer patients to slow the work load down so other MA’s could cover? Are your employees working overtime to get the job done?
In any of these situations you are losing money, and possibly upsetting clients or patients that may choose another provider because of slower service. We must remember that no matter the cause of the situation our clients and patients will internalize it and only see how it affected them. When this happens, chances are that person will no longer come to you for service, and tell their friends why they won’t use you again. What’s the result of this? Well, you probably lost revenue during the absence by paying vacation time to the absent employee, lost revenue due to a decrease in availability for services, paying overtime or leaving revenue producing activities undone. Now let’s compound that loss with the loss of existing customers and future customers. A client will know about a hurricane and probably understand a glitch in service, but they will not know about the inner workings of your office and instead only think that you are unable to meet their needs.
Optimum RTS is here to stop that cycle by providing top notch temporary services as well as full-time employees. We always take our time when filling open positions, so you will only have candidates that meet your needs when you need them. Have a happy and safe summer!” John Dalton, Owner Optimum RTS
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