What Can You Do When You’re “Stuck?”

Have you ever been financially “stuck” in a position that you hated, making more money than you could moving to another company, but finding it increasingly difficult to get in your car and drive to work every morning? A lot of you, most of you, will answer yes to this question. What’s even more frightening is that there are guaranteed to be plenty of you who read the above question and immediately thought, “That’s where I am in life right now.” So, the next question I would ask is “Why,” followed by “What are you going to do about it?”

Examining why is easy. The quick response is that absolutely no one can afford to take a pay cut. Quite frankly, who would want to? In this day and age, this down economy and world of technology, America (for the most part) is just breaking even.

Today’s American students have all been raised to believe that we won’t make the kind of money we need to make to survive if we don’t go to college, and now, not only do you need a college degree but you need a Master’s degree just to have the same experience and skill set as everyone else. We are being herded through the educational system only to come out to hiring companies who say, “So, what work experience do you have?”

There is a great divide in today’s working economy. Those of us who were raised on the college train, and those of us who have been through the ringer climbing the ladder of success only to hit a plateau of unhappiness in your current position with no degree to move elsewhere.

These judgments of today’s society are no a reason to fall under the spell of believing that “work is work” and your job shouldn’t make you happy. Yes it should! Didn’t anyone ever tell you that if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life?

Unfortunately, folks, life is work; and it is a challenge. Looking at life as an obstacle, or a series of obstacles you must overcome teaches us that we can win. We can all win in our own lives, but we must become competitive about it. We mustn’t let the above information or anyone’s doubts get in our way of true happiness, true greatness, and the life you’ve always wanted. Because, in my experience, no one wants to sit behind a desk doing the same mundane tasks day after day and hating life for it.

So, what are you going to do about it? Everyone has equal opportunity to go back to school to acquire the degree you might need to skip merrily on away from the job that’s causing you grief. I don’t know about you, either, but I’m not buying into the belief that you need a degree in order to accomplish great things. Life experiences, work experiences (even if you have to start over from the bottom in a different field) and a great attitude can seriously lead you into brighter days.

The challenge is, you have to do it. You have to make the jump. It is only when we make sacrifices and take risks that we begin to see the change within ourselves. Be proud of who you are and believe in yourself enough to know that you are worth more than settling. Don’t live a life that’s mediocre. There is just too much splendor in the world for us all to sit back and watch it pass us by; or, can you even see it from that cubicle?

Written by: Melanie Scherr

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