Dear Friends and Healthcare Workers,

Over the last 30 years I have lived my life, managed my teams and run my company with one underlying philosophy and that is “It is not about me”. This philosophy is apparent when you look at the volunteerism I have been a part of over this same time period where I helped fight for our seniors, those with Alzheimer’s, those mentally incapacitated and needing guardianship, helping to honor our Heroes of Medicine, or in our fight for clean water in Martin County and finally, almost always saying yes to whomever asked for my help. These actions have honed my ability to find ways to achieve and be there for my friends, colleagues, and peers.

With COVID-19 now affecting almost every aspect of our lives, now is the time for me to offer myself to our community once again. I ask each of you, how can I help? How can my team help? Are there supplies you need? Are there connections that can help you or your company weather this event? Are there employees that work with you whom are seeing other family members downsized? Are you struggling with telecommuting?

Just now I spoke to a friend and client who shared his daughter has a community of college students who would like to start a phone buddy club. The thought is this, do you know a senior or a person who will be sequestered alone over the next few weeks? If yes, let’s have one of these students call that person, just to chat.

It is my desire to offer myself and my company to help in any way.

How can we help you?
John Dalton, Owner Optimum RTS

Optimum RTS and Christafaro’s continue to join forces to help the community obtain healthy, yummy food for pick up OR delivery! Christafaro’s has a menu for ANY budget!!! 

Please use this link to view options 

Have questions?? Need our help?? Contact Optimum RTS at 561.408.2192

Thank you for your continued support through these trying times.
Team Optimum RTS