“With the speed of a comet, time continues to pass, allowing only those with the keenest of eyes the ability to see hours inside of the month. It’s Monday. It’s Friday. It’s first day of school. It’s winter break. I am 16, I am 50.
This, to me, is where my focus needs to sharpen.  I need to be able to slow down and enjoy the moment instead of looking through my windshield as I head to the next stop (both literally and figuratively). This is the purpose of this musing.

Each year, those who know me, and are in my contact list, receive a holiday note expressing my thanks to you, combined with my hope for love, laughs and happiness to surround you and your family.  Honestly, it feels like it was just a moment ago that I sent last year’s message, and here it is already time to send this year’s.  How do we change that?  What do we need to do to slow down time?  Some people have told me that “time moves quicker as you age because each year represents a smaller percentage of your time here on earth.”  I suppose this makes sense.  I believe it is because our life just becomes too overwhelming with the distractions of the minute, causing us to miss the truly spectacular that is unfolding around us. 

I no longer want to make that mistake.  I want to wake from the ether of the mundane, so I can fully appreciate, and drink in, the beauty of the moment.  I want to slow down time by injecting a greater level of awareness into it – no longer allowing the moment to merely wash over me, but instead swimming with it. 

This is my message to you this Thanksgiving. 

If you too are caught within the perpetual motion of time, floating like a jellyfish caught in a rip current . . . STOP. Recognize where you are and swim across and against the current until you break free, so you can, once again, relish (1) where you are; (2) who is around you; and (3) all the beautiful things that we have allowed to slip by.

Happy Thanksgiving and may love and time sit with each of you throughout the year.” John Dalton, Owner of Optimum RTS.