HR Corner By Suzanne – FEBRUARY 2019

Why use a staffing agency? You may think it’s to get quality candidates. And yes, that is partially true. But the real reason you need a staffing agency is so you can buy time. “Time,” you say? “Why would I need to buy time?” Because time kills deals. Time kills deals? Yes. Seriously, if you get nothing else from this article, just remember: TIME KILLS DEALS. Now to illustrate this concept, let’s take a look at a typical example. Most companies who do their own staffing usually use job boards to find candidates. The service only costs a few hundred dollars and can usually produce a decent response rate. So let’s pretend you decided to run an ad on one of these job boards. And let’s assume that you spent at least an hour or two developing the job description. This will ensure that it’s well-written and you are at the right salary range to entice interest. If you were to spend a few hundred dollars, you will get submissions. As a matter of fact, you’ll probably get hundreds of e-mails a day. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Things are looking good. Seems like you’ll have plenty of qualified candidates to choose from, right? Well, let’s see. Let’s say you grab a few off the top of the inbox and you start scanning the responses. Your eyes grow wider and wider as you read each one. Wait a minute! None of the resumes match the job description you posted. Most of them don’t even use appropriate grammar. Whose ad are they responding to? It couldn’t be yours. These candidates are nowhere near qualified for the job. Yikes, right?! “Well, maybe it’s just a fluke,” you say to yourself. “I did only look at the top ten in my inbox. Maybe if I […]

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Non-Monetary Incentive Ideas For Small Business Owners

Our highlighted Strategic Partner this month is Ann Stortz is the owner of Coast to Coast Medical Solutions. Non-Monetary Incentive Ideas For Small Business Owners Owning a small business can be challenging when it comes to being competitive in your compensation package. From the high cost of health insurance, which locks out many employers, to budgets that simply do not allow for large salary increases, finding alternatives to be able to hire and retain good employees calls for creativity. Creating a feeling of family, or “connectedness”, goes a long way with both young and seasoned employees, since we all spend a majority of each waking hour there. Providing a safe, comfortable place, where we can be recognized and appreciated for our talents and hard work (with things like Employee of the Month/Quarter, or a shout-out during monthly company meetings). A company that offers as much flexibility as possible in PTO availability. Offering team activities, such as potluck lunches or monthly pizza parties, or Secret Santa exchanges during the holidays. Even encouraging a company-wide 15 minute Meditation break each week in high stress fields, with soothing music, adult coloring books or Play-Doh, tells your employees that you truly value them and their well-being, and will help you stand out as a great place to work! Ann Stortz is the owner of Coast to Coast Medical Solutions, a Greenacres FL Revenue Management company. They handle all aspects of medical billing and collection activities, in both the behavioral health and medical specialties, for providers located across the country. They offer a boutique-style of service, with unmatched customer service for all of their clients. Services include verification of […]

Candidates: 10 Simple Ways to Kill it in your Interview

WELCOME TO OUR HR CORNER WITH SUZANNE Suzanne is the glue that holds Team Optimum RTS together. She wears many hats in our office and her organizational skills are OUTSTANDING! She goes through 100s of resumes a week and interviews all the candidates. She is the perfect person to discuss the Dos and Don’ts of Interviews! Want to “Kill It” at your next interview? Check out Suzanne’s Words of Wisdom! Candidates 10 Simple Ways to Kill it in your Interview 1. Do Your Research Know about the company you are going to see prior to arriving. It is also good to know what position you applied for. Imagine you are searching for Mr or Mrs Right and when you meet they say, “Which one are you again? I’m sorry I’ve just had so many dates this week I can’t remember which one you are… but I’m sure I’m perfect for you!” 2.  Bring A Copy Of Your Resume Sometimes the resume you thought you submitted is different than the one the employer has. Sometimes the employer doesn’t have your resume on hand. Other times items on your resume need clarification and it would be more helpful for you to follow along on your own copy rather than grabbing their copy to point something out. It is always your responsibility to showcase your abilities. If you don’t end up needing it, no harm done. It’s awkward and definitely a strike against you when you don’t have it. 3. Dress Appropriately First impressions set the tone for the entire interview. A poor first impression can really hurt your chances of getting across your skills. Be mindful of smells, a little bit goes a long way with cologne or […]


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Strategic Partners Blog Featuring Rachel Mostel, Director of Operations, from Picc Lines Plus Home Infusion

A positive work environment isn’t born out of thin air. It takes hard work and commitment to foster teamwork in the office. When you feel like you’re a valued team member, you’re more likely to do the best work you can. That great attitude doesn’t just help your clients, it carries over to every aspect of your work and life. When you’re part of a team, you help your team members perform their jobs the best they can. Looking for ways to get your team in sync? Here are 5 strategies that can help foster teamwork: 1. Be a good leader. Whether you’re a manager, or have seniority as a result of company loyalty, you are setting the tone for the rest of the employees in the office. Encourage quality teamwork by rewarding groups for good performance. Create incentives to work well as a team by giving praise and issuing small tokens of appreciation that bear the project or company name. By doing so, it instills a sense of meaning and value into the nature of the job, thereby boosting teamwork among group members. Encourage social activities. Teamwork is enhanced when staff know each other and are comfortable discussing a variety of issues. Build this sense of camaraderie by formulating team activities, such as meeting together over coffee. 2. Practice clear communication. Convoluted communication is a recipe for disaster. Teamwork in healthcare uses constant communication. Team members must feel safe in sharing their ideas, points of view, and feelings. Every idea might not be THE idea you roll with, but are no bad ideas. Make sure to foster communicating in the work environment through verbal reward. 3. Define responsibilities. Boost teamwork ability by outlining clear roles for each of the members. […]


“It’s finally the end of the year and many of you are reflecting on Company achievements. As you review Company goals, are you taking the time to see how your employees helped contribute to your success? Do you feel you have a highly rated work environment? If you are unsure of your answer, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago, “Happy workers not only score higher for engagement, productivity, loyalty, creativity, they take fewer sick days and are more likely to help their colleagues.” By sharing your vision, mission and goals with your employees, you enable them to feel empowered in their job, foster a team environment, and promote a positive company culture. Expressing gratitude whether through an email, gift card or award, goes a long way in driving employee happiness. A simple thank you face-to-face with your employee or colleague can make all the difference! Studies have shown that by showing gratitude improves physical and mental health, creates a sense of belonging, strengthens relationships and helps achieve goals. As you wrap up this year and look towards 2019, express your thanks and gratitude to one another. Here are some tips for showing thanks and appreciation in the workplace: Lead by example. Once a leader expresses gratitude, other employees, colleagues and even customers have an example to follow and feel more comfortable sharing. Make the thank you specific. Don’t just say thank you for a job well done. Acknowledge what specifically the employee did. Be authentic. Always be sincere when saying thank you. Recognize both big and small accomplishments. All contributions are important no matter how large or small the scope is. Follow up throughout the year. Saying thank you shouldn’t just be around holiday […]


  “With the speed of a comet, time continues to pass, allowing only those with the keenest of eyes the ability to see hours inside of the month. It’s Monday. It’s Friday. It’s first day of school. It’s winter break. I am 16, I am 50. This, to me, is where my focus needs to sharpen.  I need to be able to slow down and enjoy the moment instead of looking through my windshield as I head to the next stop (both literally and figuratively). This is the purpose of this musing. Each year, those who know me, and are in my contact list, receive a holiday note expressing my thanks to you, combined with my hope for love, laughs and happiness to surround you and your family.  Honestly, it feels like it was just a moment ago that I sent last year’s message, and here it is already time to send this year’s.  How do we change that?  What do we need to do to slow down time?  Some people have told me that “time moves quicker as you age because each year represents a smaller percentage of your time here on earth.”  I suppose this makes sense.  I believe it is because our life just becomes too overwhelming with the distractions of the minute, causing us to miss the truly spectacular that is unfolding around us.  I no longer want to make that mistake.  I want to wake from the ether of the mundane, so I can fully appreciate, and drink in, the beauty of the moment.  I want to slow down time by injecting a greater level of awareness into it – no longer allowing the moment to merely wash over me, but instead swimming with it.  This is […]

“Strategic Partners Blog With Irv from Visiting Angels”

Motivating Employees Through Recognition Ever wonder how you can motivate your employees to be more engaged with their jobs – to be enthusiastic and go that extra mile for your company? Bonuses?  Raises? Threats?  Detailed performance evaluations? Employee -of -the -Month contests? Wrong! More than 70 years of scientific research, much of it spearheaded by the Gallup organization, has demonstrated that the key to promoting employee engagement is RECOGNITION. Personal recognition by their manager or immediate supervisor for a job well done has been shown, time and time again, to be more highly valued by employees than any other factor, including compensation. More than 88% of employees view being recognized by their manager for good work as extremely important or very important. Employees in a company that focuses on recognition of this kind are 5 times more likely to feel valued, 7 times more likely to remain at the company and 11 times more likely to feel committed to their jobs and the company’s mission. In contrast, in several studies insufficient praise and recognition was ranked as a primary reason for leaving a company. Less than 30% of employees said that compensation would motivate them to stay.  This might be music to many a manager’s ears, since recognition is easier on the budget than increases in monetary compensation.  But an effective employee recognition program is not so easy to implement and sustain.  It requires educating managers about the true triggers of employee motivation and it requires consistent application across the board.  To be effective, the recognition must be: Sincere Personal Immediate Specific Appropriate Gratuitous or generic praise has little effect and is soon discounted.  It must be tied to a specific act […]


Performance Planning How often do you sit down with your employees and conduct a performance evaluation? This tool is one of the most important factors when determining how well your employees are achieving their established goals not only for their own development but for the development of the Company overall. Reasons for performance planning include: Clear understanding of goals  Enhances communication between employees and management  Fosters commitment across the organization Empowers employees to be part of the performance planning process Goals should be established at the beginning of each year which usually corresponds to the Company’s fiscal year. This helps prepare budgets for merit increases and or bonuses. When doing performance planning, think about your Company’s mission statement, goals and values which will help set the foundation for your employee’s goals and expectations. Having definitive plans in place will help with:  Improvement in current job performance Achieve personal growth Advance Career development Further skills development Remember, taking the time to sit down with your employees to discuss goals and future development, will only help the Company in the long run achieve its goals and further your success!
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