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How long does it take to hire an employee?  Without using a staffing agency, the average time frame from search to start date for a new hire is 10-12 weeks according to an article on Including companies using staffing agencies, LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Survey says the average is 6-8 weeks. To be clear, that’s the nationwide average across all industries. The reality is less concrete than survey statistics. Each industry, job requirement, company culture/reputation, etc affects the length of time it takes to bring on a new hire. Let’s say you own a private practice and you speak to a friend in the restaurant industry that easily hires multiple wait staff every week. Let’s say they exaggerate and it’s multiple hires every month. Many of the candidates apply simply by seeing the “now hiring” sign on the door. Sounds easy, right? If you’ve been in the industry for any amount of time you know how very incorrect that assumption is, especially for the healthcare industry. So how can you get that many candidates in that fast?  The right candidate is worth multiple convenient hires even for positions that do not require specialized skills. In most cases it takes time to find the right candidate. In a past blog I wrote about how it takes a few weeks to go through resumes, a few weeks to conduct interviews, and if your candidate is otherwise employed it takes an additional two weeks notice in most cases. Six weeks of waiting to fill an empty position.  That six weeks is based on the search starting immediately. You didn’t try to save money and make it work with one person down. That’s also assuming […]




MARCH 2019 OPTIMUM RTS NEWSLETTER Palm Beach Medical Society’s Heroes in Medicine We are so proud to have John Dalton, Owner of Optimum RTS, be chosen as Chair of the Palm Beach County “Heroes in Medicine” event and to serve alongside co-chair Judy Dunn, RN and Gregory Cotes for 2019….CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

The Focus Of Business

Is it important to focus on the details of your business?We would all answer yes. But how focused are you on your business? A few years ago, I was on the board of a venture startup in New Jersey. The startup had a “cash cow” product that paid the lights, the bills, the everything. Management wanted to build a new product portfolio to address a wide range of mobile needs – pictures, music, and more. It blossomed into an entire set of mobile phone products and the financial resources poured into product development. Millions. But we had our “cash cow” product to lean on. A number of board members warned that we need to get to market with a subset of the new products and balance out the revenue. Management “had a vision” and persuaded a majority of the directors to stay the course. Suddenly, the business partner pulled the plug on the “cash cow” product. The resulting scramble for even one of the new products to replace the “cash cow” fell short. The company disintegrated badly. Why the long story? The CEO was not focused on basic revenue sources for the business. He was at trade events and looking at technology partnerships. Granted, he did a number of things right and the board could have been more prescriptive in strategy, but the lack of focus on customer concentration and revenue risk ultimately destroyed a 50MM company in a matter of months. The moral that I learned from this is – worry about your business first. Events, partnerships, business groups and such are fun because there is energy in those venues! With a focus on achieving and maintaining a stable business, the chief executive will serve his customers, employees and shareholders well. It must be his or her […]

Optimize Your Resume

After spending hours agonizing over the perfect resume that displays your skills you decide to blast it out to every employer out there. You can almost hear the calls for interviews already! Except You don’t hear anything Clearly the employers are just taking a while to get to your resume because they are all spending time reading Every. Single. Resume. Right? Wrong In fact, the average amount of time an employer spends on each resume is 6 seconds! Wait! SECONDS? Yes! UNLESS in those six seconds your resume catches their eye as quality. In most cases, employers get 100+ applications for each open position. They do not have more than a few seconds to spend on every resume. Prioritizing is essential! The reality is that employers are looking for reasons NOT to spend extra time on your resume. Which means 6 seconds is the initial glance, then the resume moves to the recycle bin or into a pile to be passed off to the admin for follow up calls for an interview. Chances are you’ve put time, effort, and possibly money into this resume. So how can you get past 6 seconds? Use a Template If you are not confident in your resume writing skills there are free templates online or in Microsoft Word itself. Look for templates that are simple, well organized, and aesthetically pleasing. Keep reading for what to put in. Other options include community agencies, paying for a resume writing service, etc. Caution: If you use a template please replace all the fields with your information. It’s hard to […]

February Strategic Partner Blog… Does your sign program attract new business?

Any Chamber of Commerce will tell you statistically that most of your customers come from a five mile radius of your business. Although social media is doing wonders reaching a broader market if done correctly, signs are proven as the most effective marketing you can do. How many potential customers pass by your business every day or are in your business on a weekly basis? What does your exterior sign say about your business and do you visually let people know all the services, products or image you want them to know about when they come in to your business? Everyone that enters your business is drawing an impression of your quality and what you can do for them when they are within your business. Have you had the same branded look for many years with no change and at this time people just pass it by because it is so familiar? Even McDonald’s changes their restaurant look and sign program while keeping the arches in the sign. By changing up your sign image you may encourage people to look at you again that may just pass you by. Potential customers that come in your business may ask you about a new product that you present in the form of a sign that encourages them to ask about this product. Signs are not just on the front of your building. They can inform, increase awareness, direct and enhance your business image. Fastsigns Lake Worth is a 29 year old full service sign company located in central Palm Beach County but provides service throughout South Florida. We can help educate you regarding permit guidelines, design ideas and new sign materials that may change the image of your business including interior, exterior […]

HR Corner By Suzanne – FEBRUARY 2019

Why use a staffing agency? You may think it’s to get quality candidates. And yes, that is partially true. But the real reason you need a staffing agency is so you can buy time. “Time,” you say? “Why would I need to buy time?” Because time kills deals. Time kills deals? Yes. Seriously, if you get nothing else from this article, just remember: TIME KILLS DEALS. Now to illustrate this concept, let’s take a look at a typical example. Most companies who do their own staffing usually use job boards to find candidates. The service only costs a few hundred dollars and can usually produce a decent response rate. So let’s pretend you decided to run an ad on one of these job boards. And let’s assume that you spent at least an hour or two developing the job description. This will ensure that it’s well-written and you are at the right salary range to entice interest. If you were to spend a few hundred dollars, you will get submissions. As a matter of fact, you’ll probably get hundreds of e-mails a day. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Things are looking good. Seems like you’ll have plenty of qualified candidates to choose from, right? Well, let’s see. Let’s say you grab a few off the top of the inbox and you start scanning the responses. Your eyes grow wider and wider as you read each one. Wait a minute! None of the resumes match the job description you posted. Most of them don’t even use appropriate grammar. Whose ad are they responding to? It couldn’t be yours. These candidates are nowhere near qualified for the job. Yikes, right?! “Well, maybe it’s just a fluke,” you say to yourself. “I did only look at the top ten in my inbox. Maybe if I […]

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Non-Monetary Incentive Ideas For Small Business Owners

Our highlighted Strategic Partner this month is Ann Stortz is the owner of Coast to Coast Medical Solutions. Non-Monetary Incentive Ideas For Small Business Owners Owning a small business can be challenging when it comes to being competitive in your compensation package. From the high cost of health insurance, which locks out many employers, to budgets that simply do not allow for large salary increases, finding alternatives to be able to hire and retain good employees calls for creativity. Creating a feeling of family, or “connectedness”, goes a long way with both young and seasoned employees, since we all spend a majority of each waking hour there. Providing a safe, comfortable place, where we can be recognized and appreciated for our talents and hard work (with things like Employee of the Month/Quarter, or a shout-out during monthly company meetings). A company that offers as much flexibility as possible in PTO availability. Offering team activities, such as potluck lunches or monthly pizza parties, or Secret Santa exchanges during the holidays. Even encouraging a company-wide 15 minute Meditation break each week in high stress fields, with soothing music, adult coloring books or Play-Doh, tells your employees that you truly value them and their well-being, and will help you stand out as a great place to work! Ann Stortz is the owner of Coast to Coast Medical Solutions, a Greenacres FL Revenue Management company. They handle all aspects of medical billing and collection activities, in both the behavioral health and medical specialties, for providers located across the country. They offer a boutique-style of service, with unmatched customer service for all of their clients. Services include verification of […]

Candidates: 10 Simple Ways to Kill it in your Interview

WELCOME TO OUR HR CORNER WITH SUZANNE Suzanne is the glue that holds Team Optimum RTS together. She wears many hats in our office and her organizational skills are OUTSTANDING! She goes through 100s of resumes a week and interviews all the candidates. She is the perfect person to discuss the Dos and Don’ts of Interviews! Want to “Kill It” at your next interview? Check out Suzanne’s Words of Wisdom! Candidates 10 Simple Ways to Kill it in your Interview 1. Do Your Research Know about the company you are going to see prior to arriving. It is also good to know what position you applied for. Imagine you are searching for Mr or Mrs Right and when you meet they say, “Which one are you again? I’m sorry I’ve just had so many dates this week I can’t remember which one you are… but I’m sure I’m perfect for you!” 2.  Bring A Copy Of Your Resume Sometimes the resume you thought you submitted is different than the one the employer has. Sometimes the employer doesn’t have your resume on hand. Other times items on your resume need clarification and it would be more helpful for you to follow along on your own copy rather than grabbing their copy to point something out. It is always your responsibility to showcase your abilities. If you don’t end up needing it, no harm done. It’s awkward and definitely a strike against you when you don’t have it. 3. Dress Appropriately First impressions set the tone for the entire interview. A poor first impression can really hurt your chances of getting across your skills. Be mindful of smells, a little bit goes a long way with cologne or […]
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