“Strategic Partners Blog With Debbie From Allstate”

  Team Optimum RTS introduces our first “Strategic Partners Blog” Debbie Piescik originally became a licensed insurance agent in 1982 and worked for a family agency. In 1999 she opened her own Allstate agency in Downtown West Palm Beach.  Debbie’s office offers friendly customer service while providing professional guidance to protecting all that matters. Her mission statement puts the customer at the center of all that they do in our office. Debbie and her staff welcome family, friends, neighbors and referrals for a free consultation for any insurance need. “High staff turnover can be bad for business. It can create unease, affect morale and cost a company in both time and recruitment fees to find a suitable staff replacement.. One of the most effective and least expensive ways to recruit and maintain great employees is through Employee Benefits. Allstate is a leading provider for employee benefits. We offer superior products and services with cutting-edge technology, exceptional customer service and compassionate claims administration. With over 40,000 groups in force and insuring more than 3 million employees, we deliver the promise of our Good Hands every day. Our products include Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Life, Supplement Health, Dental, Disability and many more. These policies help fill coverage gaps and offer income protection to customers during some of life’s biggest challenges. Whether you have a group of 3 in your business, or if you have multiple locations with hundreds of employees, we can provide customized programs to fit your needs.” Debbie Piescik.  Contact Debbie directly at CLICK HERE TO VIEW DEBBIE’S ALLSTATE WEBSITE

Behavioral Interviewing Guidelines

        HR Corner By Allison, Recruiting Manager Planning and Preparing For The Interview A formal, planned, structured interview is a valuable tool in assessing a candidate’s potential success for a particular position. By utilizing proper interview techniques, companies can reduce turnover, time to hire, and minimize costs, which will enable you to find the right candidate the first time. Prior to the interview the applicant’s resume should be reviewed once again in order to identify and/or clarify key areas in which you need more information. Information to review on the resume and which should be addressed during the interview includes: 1. Appearance of resume –Was it put together haphazardly, are there typing mistakes? 2. Gaps in time –Are there periods of time that aren’t accounted for? 3. Overlaps in time –Do jobs overlap? 4. Inconsistencies between education and experience 5. Rate of job changes –Does this person change jobs frequently? 6. Reasons for leaving previous positions 7. Job titles 8. Red flags –Information that doesn’t make sense or makes you uncomfortable Interview conditions The setting of the interview is important and can impact the success or failure of the interview. Interviews should take place in a private setting where there are no distractions or interruptions. Remember that while you are assessing the candidate, they too are assessing their surroundings and making comparisons to other companies they have interviewed with. To reduce distractions, inform your assistant and/or department of your interview schedule, put your phone on send calls, have the resume and job description in front of you, be ready to show an organizational chart if necessary, and have paper for taking notes (do not write directly on the resume). Interview Guidelines To interview effectively, you should have a general plan of how the interview will proceed. Here are some steps to consider: Welcome the applicant-Introduce yourself […]


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The Alzheimer’s Association Walks are starting!!!

John Dalton, Owner of Optimum RTS, is a Board Member for the Alzheimer’s Association. He was on WPBF 25 News this morning discussing the upcoming walk. Keep in mind the WPB Alzheimer’s Walk is Saturday, October 20th…love to have you on our team! Call 561.408.2192 to join our Optimum RTS’ team! CLICK HERE TO WATCH!!!!

HR Corner By Allison, Recruiting Manager

JOB DESCRIPTIONS One of the most essential components to helping ensure success in a job is hiring the right candidate but how do you make sure you have made the right choice? The hiring process starts with a well-written job description. It is a valuable tool which will help drive your recruiting process, determine a salary range, aid with performance evaluations and help set reasonable accommodation standards. The first step in writing the job description is conducting a job analysis. You can do this by collecting information about the job through interviews with employees, observations, and looking at other organizations who have similar jobs. The next step would be to determine essential functions of the job. Make sure you list which duties are necessary to performing the job then list preferences. Factors to consider when writing the job description: What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this job? What knowledge does this individual need to possess? What skills are necessary for this position? What education level is required? Position type—full or part-time? How much experience is necessary for this position? Are management skills necessary? Who will this position report to? Are there any special language requirements? Is travel involved in this position? Frequency of travel? Lastly, the job description is not all-encompassing, and a disclaimer should be state that the job description could change at any time. All job descriptions need to be written per ADA guidelines. By following some of these guidelines, hopefully your next hire will be the right one!

Do you have a happy or sad customer?

Recently, I have been doing a lot of research on customer service and how to set yourself apart from your competition.  Through this research I have uncovered some great tips that I will share with you, but initially I want to expound on an observation I’ve made about the consequences of not paying attention to a customer’s emotional state. This might not at first seem important, but by the end of this article I am sure you will start to see just how critically important this is. Let’s start off by defining who your customer is.  Immediately, you envision the person currently utilizing your service or products.  Typically, these people would be called your prospect, patient, client, shopper, patron, etc. Other people fall into this category as well, however, when you examine this a little closer.  A customer is not always only the person using your services. It could be the parents of a child in school, the family members of a parent using your services. It could be the candidate you’re attempting to hire or the employees in your organization, or even your manager or one of the company’s vendors. In brief it is everyone you come into contact with during the course of your work day.  Beyond your work day, the term “customer service” can be substituted for just being polite in your interactions with everyone you meet. Now that we have defined who a customer is, let’s dig deeper into why understanding their emotional state might be important to a successful and positive interaction.  To do this, think of a child and his or her parent going back-to-school shopping.  In this scenario there are two clients you will be faced with, and both may have very different emotional states.  […]


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Hot Sizzling Candidates February 2018

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Call center staffing agency in South Florida

Are you looking to expand your operation to Florida? Perhaps you’re planning to open a branch office or a call center? As a premier recruiting and staffing firm, Optimum RTS is one of the most experienced call center staffing agencies in South Florida. Call center staffing With a focus on call center staffing, our hiring options enable you to concentrate on your business while we focus on staffing your call center with top-tier candidates who are guaranteed to increase productivity and profitability. Staffing a call center and ensuring you’ve got the right people in the right positions are critical to your customer satisfaction and, ultimately, the success of your business. Which is why, unlike other staffing agencies for call centers, we work hand-in-hand with you as your hiring partner. You see, we’ve made it our job to understand your business from the inside out. We listen to your needs every step of the way to consistently meet and exceed your expectations by providing call center staff and customer service candidates for filling key needs pivotal to your success. Optimum RTS has assisted companies that range from Fortune 100 to local start-ups with the recruitment and placement of candidates. Our owner, John Dalton, has been integrally involved in propelling many local, regional, and national companies to prominence, making him a sought-after resource. So, if you’re looking for a call center staffing agency in South Florida, choose a company that understands the lay of the land. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can help set you up for success!

Temporary employment agencies in Florida

Are you looking to make a change or to take the next step in your employment career? Perhaps you’re between jobs and you’re looking for something temporary? Well, if you’re looking for temporary employment agencies in Florida, Optimum RTS should be your first port of call. Unlike most temporary employment services in Florida, we’ll take the time to understand exactly where you’ve come from and where you want to go. You see, we like to think of ourselves as your career partners.  As such, we’ll help you find a job that’s just right for you. We do this by: Listening to your employment history; Reviewing your qualifications; Evaluating your resume; Suggesting edits where necessary; Guiding you through proven interview techniques that will allow you to stay true to yourself while focusing on the information that needs to be shared or conveyed. Optimum RTS was started by John Dalton, who is today considered an expert in his field. John’s magic stems from his innate ability to connect with people: he knows which people to connect with one another – an invaluable skill when it comes to ensuring the right job for you! So, if you’re looking for a temp agency near you, then rest assured that we’re here to help you on your job search. You see, we’ve made it our job to offer the best temporary employment services in Florida. We’re on hand to offer advice on everything from employee buyout to burnout. Our solutions include temp to hire, temp to perm, direct hire and more! Wherever you see your career taking you, our services are designed with you in mind. So, if you’re looking for a temp agency near you, contact us today for more information on the positions we have available!
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